Dear clients and partners,
With this post we would like to kindly notify you that as a Bulgarian employer you have the obligation the submit declaration under art. 15 from the Healthy and Safe at Work Regulation. The deadline for the submission of this declaration is 30th of April 2016.

Please be informed that obligation for submission of declaration under art. 15 have the following persons:

  1. Physical and legal persons which:
  • Have hired persons under employment relationship
  • Have concluded contracts for management and control
  • Have directly engaged persons for conducting education or training
  1. Physical or legal persons, who don’t have their own employed persons, but instead they use force power from a company, which provides temporary placement
  2. Persons, who work together at their expense in partnership with others (for example partners in a LLC, without hired employees).

This declaration should be prepared by your Occupational Medicine Provider and then we can submit it for you.

With kind regards,

Sb Team