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“The Legal Department ensures your compliance with the local applicable legislation, international standards and globally acknowledged best practices. We strictly follow the principles of work established in our Code of Ethics, Personal Data Protection policy, Information Security policy and Anti-Corruption policy.”

Plamena Dimitrova, Legal and Compliance Manager

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Launching a New Business

Creating an entering strategy based on your plans and in compliance with your needs. We ensure the effective and efficient establishment of your entity while you have the opportunity to upgrade your business goals.

Designed for foreign companies expanding their businesses in Bulgaria and Start-ups willing to turn their ideas into action.

Choose your type of presence in Bulgaria:

  • Company or Branch registration to start doing business straight away
  • Registration of EU company for employment and VAT purposes
  • Trade representative office, if you want to start some marketing activities in the country or you are after a residential permit
  • Fiscal Representation of a Non-EU company for VAT related transactions

Launching a New Business solution includes:

  • Creating a working business model and entering strategy
  • Establishing local legal presence – Company formation, set up of Trade Representative office
  • Registration for tax purposes
  • Opening bank accounts, assistance with online banking and cards
  • Provision of registered seat and address of management
  • Subsequent tax and administrative registration, licenses and permit
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Company Changes

The Change Management is important tool to switch up the business development direction as a response to new conditions and has to be done on time and with professional expertise.

Whether that means business reallocation, merge and acquisition, or executive replacement, the process depends on the specific situation and often reflects not only on the legal, but on the accounting and tax site of the case.

Company Changes solution includes:

  • Modification of existing company documents
  • Transfer and Sale of shares
  • Company Transformation – Merger, Division, Separation
  • Change of legal form and inheritance
  • Sale of Trading Enterprise
  • Increase and decrease of capital
  • Change of governing bodies and management boards
  • Change of headquarters and subject of activity
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Legal and Compliance

All businesses regardless of their specifics, are exposed to complicated legal requirements. Protecting the organization from non-compliance in the rapidly evolving regulatory framework is a challenging and onerous task for the management of the company.

Our solution includes precise analysis of the current situation of your company in Bulgaria and identifying the gaps and omissions in respond to the legal and administrative requirements which have to be fulfilled.

Legal and Compliance solution includes:

  • Initial business alignment – Internet shops, cash devices, money laundry measures, ultimate beneficial ownership, transfer pricing, health and safety at work
  • GDPR Consultancy, assessment and compliance
  • Additional company registrations connected to tax obligations – VAT, MOSS, Excise and custom duties, EORI code
  • Additional company registrations connected to specific business activity – Recruitment, temporary staff, transportation, financial intermediary, extract of commodities, registration of patents
  • Legal Representation – Data Protection officer, UBO contact person, Procurator, representation before third parties, banks, vendors and clients
  • Preparation of Case Studies and Legal Opinions
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Global Mobility Services

The global workforce mobility is important for every multinational business that holds offices around the world and encourages employees to move to various locations. It’s also vitally important for free-lancers and digital nomads in search for better location where they can operate from.

In order to ensure smooth relocation and also to properly manage the complex tax and operational aspects when deploying international workforce, we are able to act as a local Global Mobility Consultant. Our role is to support the complete set of processes related to immigration, destination services as well as the necessary registrations, salary calculation, tax filings and exit formalities.

Designed for multinational enterprises that are relocating employees and their families to Bulgaria and as well as for free-lancers and digital nomads

Global Mobility Service solution includes:

  • Obtaining of Residence Permit for EU and non-EU citizens in Bulgaria
  • Support with destination mobility services – housing, school search, orientation tour
  • Registration of foreign employees with various Bulgarian labour institutions and agencies
  • Obtaining of local health and pension insurance rights
  • Issuing of various certificates and documents for the host country
  • Shadow payroll, expat payroll processing and filing
  • Exit tax filing and deregistration at the end of the global mobility assignment
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