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Our Company
Sb Accounting & Consulting is a modern, forward thinking accounting practice which was founded in the late 80′s of the last century by two partners – Mr. Tencho Yaramov, well known at that time Bulgarian CPA, and Mr. Lubomir Petrov – solidly accounting and finance experienced specialist.
During the years of expand, the ownership and the legal form of the company had changed. New partners have associated and the legal structure had been transferred from Limited Liability Company to Joint Stock Company.
Nowadays the company has significant shareholding capital and several partners with excellent experience into the field of Accountancy, Finance, Payroll, Business Taxation and many others… read more

Our team:
Sb Accounting & Consulting is a proud employer of top specialists and professionals in the area of accounting, auditing, taxation, payroll & HR, IT and company’s incorporation. Our employees, with over a decade of experience, armed with university master degrees in Accounting, Finance, Audit and Control, HR and MBAs, are with excellent experience in global accountancy, taxation and payroll matters.
For the purpose of keeping up the good level of our team’s performance and bringing the best possible service to the clients, Sb Accounting & Consulting has implemented… read more

Our clients:
Every single member of Sb Accounting & Consulting has successfully adopted in practice the idea that everything in our job starts and ends with the client. We always strive to provide every client with the best possible solution for their accounting & financial matters and give our best to help their businesses grow and prosper. Our clients are our real source of inspiration and therefore we consider them as our company’s biggest asset.
Our network of clients includes SME companies of every legal forms and sizes, as well as major international corporations and individual private persons. Our customers are 100% foreign controlled companies with investment capital mainly coming…read more

Our values:
Our company mission is crystal clear – to always stay close to our clients’ businesses and day-to-day activities while helping them grow and prosper. Apart from professionalism and extensive experience, our business is driven by our core values which we shaped in accordance with our final goal – to serve our clients in the best possible way. What we deeply believe in is our level of competency, tens of years of experience and desire to learn and progress. What we really strive for is utter customer dedication, progress through innovation and top quality, integrity and consistency along the entire range of services that we provide…read more

Here in SB Accounting & Consulting, we give an account of the reasons for our success. We believe that one of them is our ability to provide challenging career opportunities to the individuals who join our team. Once we get the best talents we train and reward them because in our conception the human resource is with the utmost importance. We would like to build a splendid team atmosphere and to enable our staff for their success…read more