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“We have been building our experience in Accounting for over 30 years by tailoring solutions based on the best practices and modern technologies. Our clients benefit from customized management reporting targeting to support them to take strategic decisions and focus on automation of document and information flow.”

Gergana Pavlova, Managing partner

Modern Accounting & Reporting Services for your business scale, scope of activity and specific needs


Enterprises that search Local Partner for Statutory Representation and Reporting, for integration with group systems, digitalisation and cost optimisation.


Companies that search for an experienced partner to take over the Financial function of the activity in Bulgaria, to prepare the reporting data in the group format and to perform efficiently the service.

Domestic Businesses that work on optimising and increasing the quality of current processes


Companies that work on optimising and increasing the quality of the Financial function, integration with CRM and ERP systems, using the modern platforms for Business reporting.

Entrepreneurs that search for a Partner to consult them about the best option


Enterpreneurs that search for a Partner to consult them about the proper form of registration and taxation and to perform the full package of business services in a cost-effective way.

Why to choose our Accounting & Reporting solutions?

End to end solutions that make уour processes more efficient and enable you to focus on your business

Scalable. Customised. Automated.

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Statutory Accounting
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Bookkeeping & Accounting

End to end solution covering the entire business support process from recording of financial transactions, through summarizing and classifying the financial data, to preparing the statutory accounts and reporting financial events correctly whilst complying with all the appropriate rules and regulations.

Created for all clients that want to outsource the accounting functions and to stay focused in their main business activity.

Our scalable accounting services are tailored to your business needs, size, corporate organization and distribution of functions. Several models of work and integration with client’s internal systems are applied – working directly in them, exporting or importing data, preparing Statutory reporting or Management reporting if required.

Additionally, specially tailored and automated Business Intelligence Reporting supports the effective corporate decision-making at every level.

The Bookkeeping and Accounting solution includes the following activities:

  • Monthly bookkeeping of incoming invoices from suppliers and outgoing to clients
  • Booking of movement from bank accounts and reconciliation of the positions
  • Monthly bookkeeping of movements on cash account
  • Monthly bookkeeping of expenses for business trips, travel expenses, allowance, etc.
  • Representation and reporting before the State institutions (BNB, NRA and NSI)
  • Submission of VAT, CIT and Intrastat returns
  • Standard Management Reporting and Reconciliation

Sb team has expertise to work with world renowned software like SAP, Microsoft Navision, Oracle NetSuite, Xero and others.

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Statutory Accounting & Reporting

Statutory Accounting & Reporting is a complete solution for all statutory local and EU reporting requirements for Bulgarian registered enterprises and foreign entities operating in the country.   This solution ensures the full compliance with all local tax laws and regulations.

Created for Enterprises performing their bookkeeping in-house and in need of Statutory Accounting and Government reporting in Bulgaria.

Statutory Accounting and Local Reporting solution includes the following activities:

  • Creation and Maintenance of Key Accounting Documents
  • Legislative compliance in relation to different accounting and tax laws and regulations
  • Representation and reporting before State institutions (BNB, NRA and NSI)
  • Preparation and Submission of VAT, CIT and Intrastate returns

For provisioning the Statutory accounting and local reporting a predefined set of journals and specific report is required by the client, so that the reporting can be done on time and according the statutory specifications.

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Business Intelligence

Specially tailored solution for businesses who have the need to analyze their financial data coming from multiple resources in order to identify trends and to take informative management decisions.

Created for Medium to Large sized companies who operate locally in Bulgaria or have regional activities and have the need to consolidate financial data.

Financial reporting and BI solution include:

  • Building Connectors
  • Design of data models
  • Creation of visualizations
  • One click business performance dashboard

Microsoft Power BI is used for provisioning of the solution, including world renowned visualizations of ZebraBI. For the convenience and security, the reporting is available on SbWebTools Financial Reporting Module.

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from our Customer Support Team about Sb approach towards building long term relationship

“We have always been working towards providing outstanding customer support to our clients
and constantly aiming to exceed their expectations”

“We give long-term, accurate and individual solutions based on
innovative technologies and best practices”


Sb Accounting & Consulting has built partnership network with some of the world’s most admired and respected organizations.
This cooperation ensures the exchange of world best practises and the implementation of modern software solutions for more effective processes.

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