Innovative Payroll & HR Administration

Paperless. Efficient. Self-Service.

“Based on our experience since 2006, we have designed an internationally recognized process, combined with innovative technology, that allows paperless Payroll and HR service, employee self-service and real-time reporting for HR professionals.”

Latchezar Georgiev, Managing Partner

For your business scale, scope of activity and specific needs

from 1 to 1000+ employees


Enterprises that search for Local Partner able to provide excellent service for large population of employees, experienced in solving various cases, using the modern platforms and digital processes.


Companies that search for an experienced partner to take over the HR function of the activity in Bulgaria, to provide on-site support when needed and to perform efficiently and effectively the service.


Companies that work on optimizing the HR function and improving their employees experience, using modern platforms and efficient processes for HR Administration.


Enterpreneurs that search for a Partner to consult them about the proper form of registration and taxation and to perform the full package of business services in a cost-effective way.

Why to choose our solutions?

End to end solutions that make уour processes more efficient and enable you to focus on your business

Scalable. Customised. Automated.

Payroll Management &
HR Administration


HR Assistance



Payroll Management & HR Administration

End to end solution that includes all processing, administrative and supporting activities related to accurate, legitimate and consistent compensation of employees’ labour, representation and statutory reporting. Additionally the preparation of HR related documentation is incorporate as well as the management of other payroll related duties such as additional health and life insurance, garnishments, retirement investments and ect.

This solution is intended for all business operating in Bulgaria regardless of their legal form, size or industry.

The Payroll Management and Administration solution includes:

  • Preparation of Starter, Leaver and Re-assignment documentation
  • Administration of fixed and variable data changes
  • Absence management – sick leave and vacation tool
  • Automated document request management – employment certificates
  • Payroll process with three levels of control
  • Producing of outputs, data archiving and payslip distribution
  • Payroll information and assistance with statutory and non-statutory parties
  • Application management and maintenance of client set up rules
  • Money movement
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Onsite HR Assistance

Specialized solution whereat a physical presence at client’s premises is provided as an extension and upgrade of the Payroll & HR Administration function.

The Onsite HR Assistance allows the employer to utilize the outsourcing of HR activities and at the same time to benefit from the retention of his own model of work and business culture, ensuring quick and easy access to professional knowledge and competence-base.

The Onsite HR Assistance solution includes:

  • Employee contact for payroll related enquiries
  • Execution and signing by the relevant parties of HR documentation
  • Creation and maintenance of personal employee folders and archiving
  • Collection of payroll input from different resources and preparation for processing
  • Employee data management working with client’s HRMS
  • Complying with Health and Safety at work requirements
  • Supporting internal benefit programs
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Digital HR Administration

Our understanding of Innovative Payroll and HR service is the development of processes and platforms that are Paperless, Efficient and Self-Service.

Our Digital HR Administration management solution covers the whole process from preparing all HR related documents, the remote authentication of all parties, their signing with Qualified Electronic Signature and storage in the e-Labour File.

The process is carried out through our corporate platform Webtools, that facilitates the communication between Sb, Employer and Employees.

Applying the solution greatly facilitates the signing process of any documents between employer and employee, regardless of place and time and has а proof of delivery evidence with time for sending, sender, addressee, time for delivery and the content of the documents.

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Sb Accounting & Consulting has built partnership network with some of the world’s most admired and respected organizations.
This cooperation ensures the exchange of world best practises and the implementation of modern software solutions for more effective processes.

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