June 2019

Prerequisites for effective HR Management through Sb’s Payroll Solutions

2019-06-10T11:54:32+03:00June 4th, 2019|Payroll|

Prerequisites for effective HR Management through Sb's Payroll Solutions Nowadays, Business organizations are challenged by the problem with limited resources in a highly competitive environment. According to the modern perceptions, people are the basis of competitive advantages. This applies not only to the “Talents in the Organization”, but those who occupy key management [...]

May 2019

Security and privacy as fundamentals for confidentiality in Sb’s Payroll Solutions

2019-05-08T09:49:00+03:00May 8th, 2019|Payroll|

Security and privacy as fundamentals for confidentiality in Sb's Payroll Solutions In today's modern world of globalization, it is not a secret that information is the most valuable commodity. A solid evidence for that statement is the fact that the most influential business organizations on the today's stock market are the Tech giants. Having [...]

September 2018

September Holidays in Bulgaria

2019-03-11T18:45:26+03:00September 4th, 2018|Payroll|

Dear Clients & Partners, With the present, we would like to kindly remind you for the forthcoming holidays in September 2018. We celebrate: * The Bulgarian National Unification Day on 6th of September 2018; * The Bulgarian National Independence Day on 22nd of September 2018, that is why 24th of September is non-working day; [...]

January 2018

Annual leave entitlements

2018-03-20T15:54:45+03:00January 29th, 2018|Accounting, Bulgarian Laws in English, Changes in Legislation, Payroll, Questions & Answers|

Annual leave entitlements Regular paid annual vacation is a right to every employee in Bulgaria. It is in the interest of both the employer and the employees, before the expiry of the calendar year to execute written documents for postponing the use of the unused days of paid annual leave due to the respective [...]

December 2017

Tax reliefs from employment in Bulgaria

2018-03-20T15:54:45+03:00December 14th, 2017|Accounting, Bulgarian Laws in English, Bulgarian Tax Guide, Changes in Legislation, Consulting, Payroll, Questions & Answers, Taxation|

From this year on, a new declaration for lack of public liabilities must be filled for those employees who would like to benefit from tax relief. According to the Personal Income Tax Act (PITA), every taxable person who has no mandatory public obligations at the date of submission of the annual tax return can submit [...]