“My mission is to implement modern technologies for flexible and reliable service during the whole period of our long-term partnership”

Anton Parushev, Information Technology Manager

Web Tools Sb corporate platform logo

WebTools corporate platform

for active information exchange with our clients and their employees

24/7 access
from all devices

per module access

Two factor

Self service

For your Team of Professionals

  • Exchange management of Payroll and HR related data

  • Automated real time reporting of the monthly calculations and changes

  • Online Payslips delivery

  • Digital process of Leaves and absence management

  • Digital management HR process – e-Labour File, e-Signing, e-Storage

  • Integrated Time and attendance management

  • Business intelligence reporting specially tailored for your needs

  • Archive data platform

For your Employees

  • Accessing payslips online

  • Sending a leave applications to their manager and monitoring the current balances

  • Appling for an Income certificate and receiving it the next day, e-signed

  • Upgrading your knowledge by E-Learning Library with often asked Labor law questions



Web Tools is Sb corporate platform for active information exchange with our clients and their employees, providing 24/7 access, self-service and reporting. Тhrough continuous development of the platform, we strive to ensure the digitalization of all processes related to personnel administration, automation of the information flow and outgoing reports and their customisation based on the specifics of the individual client.

The newest integrated functions:

  • Digital HR Administration, electronic Labour File and e-Signing
  • Business intelligence reporting specially tailored for you based on your Key Indicators for both for business or personnel related data.
  • Time and Attendance module fully compliant with the Bulgarian legislation.


WebTools Express

Our new Mobile App greatly facilitates the sending of documents by your employees directly to the relevant department in Sb Accounting and Consulting.

The App reduces the engagement of the client key employees, to collect, scan and send multiple documents on a daily basis, such as sick leaves for example. At the same time, all respective managers stay informed about employees’ actions.

Web Tools Express self-service mobile application reduces the reporting time for both to the client and to Sb Accounting and Consulting as outsourcing partner, responsible to process them.


Digital HR Administration

Our understanding of Innovative Payroll and HR service is the development of processes and platforms that are Paperless, Digital and Self-Service.

Our Digital HR Administration management solution includes the whole process from preparing all HR related documents, the remote authentication of all parties, their signing with Qualified Electronic Signature and the storage in the e-Labour File.

The process is carried out through our corporate platform Webtools, that facilitates the communication between Sb, Employer and Employees.

Applying the solution greatly facilitates the signing process of any documents between employer and employee, regardless of place and time and has а proof of delivery evidence with time for sending, sender, addressee, time for delivery and the content of the documents.

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