The Labour code determines three specific Employment contracts – Employment contract with trial period /art.70 and art.71/, Additional Employment contract with the same Employer for additional employment /art.110/ and Employment contract with another Employer for additional employment /art.111/.

2.1. Employment contract with trial period – Actually art.70 from the Labour code does not settle a different type of contract with fixed date. Art.70 determines a specific clause which might be entered for both types of the Normal Employment contracts – with and without term. The term of the trial period can not be longer than 6 months. It could be introduced in benefit of the both parties, but in the practice usually it is predominantly for the benefit of the Employer. If in the Employment contract it is not explicitly mentioned for whose benefit will be the trial period then it will be deemed that the benefit is for the both parties. The purpose of the trial period is to check the suitability of the employee respectively of the employer for a normal development of the employment relation. The clause for trial period between the same employer and employee, for the same position in the same company can be negotiated only once. As the Normal Employment contract, the Employment contract with trial period is subject to registration with the National Revenue Agency.

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