Outsourcing in Bulgaria

February 2013

Obligations of an Employer According to the Bulgarian Insurance and Tax Legislation When Sending a Hired Person On a Business Trip From a EU Member State to Bulgaria

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The case: The questions cаme from an organization, which is a part of an international concern, established from companies which are separate legal entities. For the purpose of exporting the German production in Bulgaria, an Italian citizen with a form A1 has been sent to the Bulgarian company, who has an active labor contract with [...]

January 2013

A Stable Return of Foreign Investors in Bulgaria

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Bulgaria is still an interesting destination for an investment of foreign companies, compared to other economies in the region of Central and East Europe. There is a permanent interest for a stable investment in our country – this is an opinion of Bulgarian experts. There are several reasons for this tendency. As a first can [...]

Ecological Changes in Legislation As From The Beginning of 2013

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As from 1st of January 2013, a new requirement came into force for a separate garbage collection from all trading organizations, industrial, farm and administrative buildings at the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. According to the new requirement, the following listed wastes should be collected separately: - Paper and cardboard - Glass - Plastic [...]

November 2011

Bulgaria Ranked in the Top 50 Countries by the World Bank 2012 “Doing Business” Report – Part I

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The last report of the World Bank on Doing Business 2012 indicates that Bulgaria is among the top 50 countries in the world regarding the ease of starting a business and in the top 70 countries regarding the “Paying taxes” index. The output of this report has been formed on the base of thorough research [...]

Bulgaria – The Hottest Tax Optimisation Destination in The EU

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Without no doubt, Bulgaria has turned out to be the hottest tax optimisation spot on the European map. The factors which contribute to this event are multiple, but maybe the most distinguished are the considerably lower tax rates, the high level of economic and government stability, the highly skilled employers, the strategic geographic location. The [...]