Bulgaria is still an interesting destination for an investment of foreign companies, compared to other economies in the region of Central and East Europe. There is a permanent interest for a stable investment in our country – this is an opinion of Bulgarian experts. There are several reasons for this tendency. As a first can be considered that in many countries of the region the investors don`t see a possibility of short-term development of a business, from which should be derived profit very fast, in Bulgaria there are still such fields. The second reason is that some of the markets in the countries of the region are big and brightly developed as well for this reason they are not attractive. In Bulgaria, we can observe a new wave of investors, who want to develop a stable business for a long-term – they don`t look for a fast return. The industry field is the most attractive. At the current moment the market in our country still continuous to be dominated from companies, which want to sell, to realize its own actives and the buyers of business have a big choice. The most exciting offers have more chance to attract the investors. In the year 2013 we will observe a smooth growth in market mergers and acquisitions and there are no expectations for speculative investments, but rather strategic ones.