January 2013

New Favourable VAT Refund Opportunities For The Auto Market in Bulgaria

2013-01-31T10:36:12+02:00January 31st, 2013|Changes in Legislation, Taxation in Bulgaria|

With the changes in legislation a lot of favourable conditions are back for getting a VAT refund when acquiring or renting company’s cars. Some changes in the legislation provide greater opportunities for companies to deduct VAT. Companies could use tax credit in the following cases: when they use an operating leasing, when they buy cars [...]

The Crisis Decreases the Number of the Mergers and Acquisitions Market in Central and Eastern Europe

2018-03-20T15:54:46+02:00January 30th, 2013|Incorporation in Bulgaria|

The market of mergers and acquisitions in the countries from Central and East Europe shrank by 40% in 2012. The main reasons for the registered recession is: the continues debt crisis in the Eurozone, which is a main trade partner in the Region, the political unstable situation in some of the countries and the strict [...]

July 2012

Bulgaria Is The New Tax Heaven For Greek and Romanian Companies

2012-07-04T09:44:02+03:00July 4th, 2012|Doing Business in Bulgaria, Incorporation in Bulgaria, Taxation in Bulgaria|

The latest official statistics announced by the Bulgarian Trade Register claims that Romanian investors are increasingly deciding to register firms in Bulgaria. In 2011 the number of Romanian companies registered in Bulgaria increased by 50% year-on-year. The report adds that the same goes for Greek investors, with the number of Greek companies in Bulgaria increasing [...]

April 2012

Investment Activity In the Manufacturing Sector – Interesting Statistics

2018-03-20T15:54:46+02:00April 17th, 2012|Accounting, Consulting, Doing Business in Bulgaria, Taxation in Bulgaria|

The investment business survey, conducted by the National Statistics Institute among manufacturing companies during the second half of March 2012, provided information for the realized by them investments in 2011and also their investment plans for the present year. In 2011 the expenses for acquiring tangible and intangible fixed assets in the manufacturing sector are with [...]

February 2012

Interim Forecast of the European Commission – the Eurozone Is in a Slight Recession, Bulgaria Ranked 5th for Economic Growth for 2012

2018-03-20T15:54:46+02:00February 24th, 2012|Bulgarian Tax Guide, Clients Showcase, Consulting, Doing Business in Bulgaria, Incorporation in Bulgaria, Taxation in Bulgaria|

The last report of the European Commission on the growth of the EU member states, dated 23th February 2012, provides that despite of the expectations for recession in the Eurozone in general, Bulgaria is expected to demonstrate a steady economic growth and for that reason it is ranked 5th among the countries for economic growth. [...]