The investment business survey, conducted by the National Statistics Institute among manufacturing companies during the second half of March 2012, provided information for the realized by them investments in 2011and also their investment plans for the present year.

In 2011 the expenses for acquiring tangible and intangible fixed assets in the manufacturing sector are with 10.6% less than those in 2010.
The present business research for investment activity demonstrates that the manufacturing companies intend to increase their investments with 17.5% for 2012 compared to those already made in 2011. Managers from the public sector forecast an increase in their investment programs in 2012 with 63.5% compared to the figures from 2011, while in the private sector the increase is expected to be 8.7%.

According to the basic manufacturing groups, the biggest share in the expected investments for 2012 is being formed by the energy and the related to water sectors (46.6%), where the expected increase is with 39% compared to 2011. The second place is taken by the sectors which manufacture goods for intermediate consumption (32%) which forecast an increase of 35.6% compared to the precedent year. At the same time, the sectors which manufacture non-fixed consumer goods, which have 13.5% share in the expected investments in 2012, forecast shrinkage of their investment programs with 25% for 2012, compared to their investment activity in 2011.

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