Security and privacy as fundamentals for confidentiality in Sb’s Payroll Solutions

In today’s modern world of globalization, it is not a secret that information is the most valuable commodity. A solid evidence for that statement is the fact that the most influential business organizations on the today’s stock market are the Tech giants.

Having said that, with the increase of information flow and exchange as well as the growing trend of sharing content, a new concern is making its way up and this is the confidentiality.

Especially for payroll, nothing is more important than the confidentiality, for reasons I assume it is not even needed to mention why.

But how do we achieve absolute confidentiality in Sb’s Payroll Solutions?

Basically, I believe in the only possible way – by implementing a combination of security and privacy by design principles.

It all starts with setting up a proper Security and Privacy policies as those documents are fundamental for the organization’s readiness to adopt procedures and practices.

Once these are in place, then in terms of security the rules come to live by:

  • Risk assessment
  • Plan to manage identified risks
  • Select control objectives and controls to be implemented
  • Create statement of applicability

And in term of privacy:

  • Identification of confidential information managed by the organization
  • Design of map of the information flow
  • Develop and implement technical and non technical measures to protect the personal data
  • Create proper retention schedules and data purge tools

Even if all of the above are in place, the work on security and privacy within an organization does not stop as there has to be a dedicated team of people who needs to monitor and react on the ever changing business environment.

If you are interested to know more of how the security and privacy by design principles are implemented in Sb’s DNA, please do not hesitate to contact us.