We would like to inform you, that some changes in the Ordinance № 5/29.02.2002 on the content and the procedure for sending notices under Art. 62, para. 5 of the Labour Code have been implemented.

As of 1 April 2017, in the notices to the NRA for the occurrence or the amendment of an employment relationship, there should also be included a Unified Classification of Administrative-Territorial and Territorial Units (UCATTU) of the employee’s workplace. Such notice is also to be submitted in case of change of the employee’s workplace to another district (except for the cases of posting).        

In connection with this, in addition to the data for an employee’s appointment or change of employment (change of job position or workplace), information about the UCATTU code of the employee’s workplace should be included.

For all the employees, appointed before 1 April 2017, employers must submit notifications to the NRA with UCATTU code of their workplace by 30 October 2017.

We really hope you will find the provided information useful.