Recently we received a question from a visitor at our website which was the following:

“I am a sole shareholder of a limited liability company. In the company I have appointed a director, who I insure. I work on a labor contract with another employer, who insures me for all insurance cases. My question is, when I am insured from this employer, should I insure myself additionally in the EOOD, which I own.”

And here is our answer:
One of the insurance principles is regulated in the order of Art.3 from the Social Insurance Code. According to it, the social governmental insurance is performed on the basis of obligations principles of the insurance process.
When you are a shareholder of a company, you have declared an income on which you are going to be insured and at the same time you work on labor employment – simultaneously occur two insurance grounds from the Social Insurance Code. According to art.4 from the Social Insurance Code, people who have to be obligatory insured in compliance with the code are workers and employees for: general illness and maternity, disability due to illness, old age and death, accident and occupational disease and unemployment. They should be hired on work for more than five working days or 40 hours, during one calendar month regardless of the nature of the work, the payment method and the source of financing with the exception of the people who have a reference to art.4a, par.1. People included in programs “From social assistance to employment assurance” and “In support of maternity” – don`t have unemployment insurance. According to art.1 from the Social Insurance Code, obligatory insured for disability by reason of generally disease, an old age or a death, are these people, who work as sole proprietors, owners or partners in commercial companies and individuals – members of unincorporated association.