As from 1st of January 2013, a new requirement came into force for a separate garbage collection from all trading organizations, industrial, farm and administrative buildings at the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.
According to the new requirement, the following listed wastes should be collected separately:

– Paper and cardboard
– Glass
– Plastic
– Metals

First of all, the order and the conditions for the organization of the separate garbage collection systems from households and entities are about to be made clear. The latter will be written in the respective regulation of the City Council.
In this regard, at the territory of every municipality should be built a system of special waste separation before any kind of actions from the relevant users of trade subjects and administrative, farm and industrial buildings are undertaken. There is a possibility the separate collected wastes from the already mentioned objects to be thrown out using the already existing systems for separate garbage collection from wrapping only in case when this is written in the municipal ordinance without incurring additional obligations of signing separate contracts by objects.
In fulfillment of this obligation, all owners or users of trade objects as well as the responsible people for all industrial, farm and administrative buildings have the possibility to conclude a contract with companies holding a permit or registration document for waste treatment and recovery organizations of waste adaptation, or to undertake the organization of this process by themselves in their premises.