The minister of labour and social policy can in some case break the 10% restriction under Art. 71, Para 1, point 2 from the Law on Employment when the exercised by the employer activity is defined as significant for the labour market development and the more jobs opening provision.

A work permit is being issued to a foreigner who has provided evidence that he owns specialized knowledge, skills and professional experience which correspond to the particular job requirements and also when the labour market is not able to offer Bulgarian citizens with the requested profession.

When submitting the request for issuing work permit, the employer submits the set of documents under Art. 11, Para 1 from the Regulation together with the labour contract – original and copy, concluded under the postulations of the Bulgarian legislation and signed by both of the parties. The contract includes certain obligations for rent expenses, medical treatment, insurance, transportation from and to the country where the permanent address of the foreigner is. The provided monthly remuneration should cover the minimum financial resources needed for everyday living costs by a foreigner in the Republic of Bulgaria, which are defined in Art. 86, Para 1 from the Law for foreign persons in Republic of Bulgaria.

The work permit is received by the employer or his/her authorized representative and it is accompanied by the original of the labor contract certified by Labour Agency. Three days after the contract has entered into force, the employer sends a notification to the National Revenue Agency in accordance with the regulations of Art. 62, Para 3 from the Labour Code.
The Bulgarian legislation provides liberalized access to the labour market and benign conditions and procedures for issuing work permits in case of: inter-corporate transfers of personnel in a local entity or branch or when hiring senior management personnel in companies established by foreign legal entities on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria.
In case of inter-corporate transfer of senior management of foreign legal entity, situated on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria, the foreign person should provide evidence that he/she has performed the same job in the company’s foreign structures the last 12 months before his/her coming to Bulgaria.

In case of inter-corporate transfer of specialist from foreign legal entity, situated in Bulgaria, apart from the 12 month prior employment, the foreigner must provide evidence for his/her educational degree which should respond to the taken by him/her job position.

In case of hiring foreign persons to work as teachers or lecturers in Bulgaria, the regional inspectors from the Ministry of education and science must provide document and decision which evidence for the foreigner’s qualifications.
Work permit of foreign sportsman/coach working in a professional sport club can be issued after the confirmation of the respective Bulgarian national sport federation or union for their status of professional contestant, as well their personal qualities and high degree of professional skills.