Good ideas, if they are really good, can be converted into good, strong and successful business in every part of the world. There are few things that need to be considered before you head the direction of your choice. The most appropriate place for your particular business idea is the first of them. Should you are planning on entering new markets not just to produce there but also to sell there – you need to decide on where your idea and production will be best accepted. In case when you are planning to relocate only for the purpose of cutting your production and operational costs, then you have got to think of a place with a good geographic location, which has skillful and not very expensive work force and most important of all – low corporate and personal taxes.
Eastern Europe and especially Bulgaria have a lot of opportunities to offer and this tendency is not just growing but also spreading over industries which have never been attracted to relocating before, such as the IT industry. In fact, today almost all of the big international software companies are presented in Bulgaria. Despite of the fact that the local market is relatively small, it has its advantages. Experts and managers from the IT industry claim that they have decided to invest in Bulgaria for three main reasons – the strategic geographic location, the stable economic and fiscal systems and the great and educated workforce. They also say that in such developing countries like Bulgaria the growth potential understandably is much higher than in the so-called developed countries. And this is very important especially for the IT business where thousands of new solutions are being developed in each moment. Therefore when it comes to the IT sector – the markets are still not really formed, they are very dynamic because the demand and the supply and the nature of the business itself are very dynamic.
It seems like the crisis has not affected the technology business or even if it did, the impact was so limited that can be easily ignored. The reason for this is that the cycles of the IT industry and the rest of them do not match. The production coming out of the technology sector is always much ahead from the consumers’ expectations and the investments are directed towards creating innovations which are not dependent of the other industries’ demand. This tendency is also reconfirmed by the statics in Bulgaria, which indicated that the current biggest direct foreign investments are coming from small and medium IT enterprises, as well as from some of the international software giants.