HR Time Management

Prerequisites for effective HR Management through Sb’s Payroll Solutions

Nowadays, Business organizations are challenged by the problem with limited resources in a highly competitive environment. According to the modern perceptions, people are the basis of competitive advantages. This applies not only to the “Talents in the Organization”, but those who occupy key management positions as well. It is very important these individuals to be properly selected, developed and retained in order to enable the organization to achieve its business goals. That makes the role of the HR manager leading and especially significant.

Not every organization understands the importance of HR manager’s role and his functions. Among his responsibilities are all activities related to the people in the company. The HR manager shall be equally close to the leadership team and the other employees, at the same time. It’s expected to use highly effective the human resources and respectively to contribute to the organization’s competitiveness, growth and sustainability.

The daily activities of the HR Manager is a mix of many tasks. He faces significant difficulties, during an 8-hour working day. Particularly, a critical factor is his interaction with the Management and his efforts on the retention and development in the organization.

Our experience shows that the HR department within an organization is specialized in the following main categories:

  1. Administration of Employment Relations – includes a set of documentation, an appropriate selection of the correct grounds for occurrence, modification and termination of a Labor Contract, as well as accompanying documents related to the employment life.
  2. Information Gathering, Payroll Processing and Communication Activities for calculating monthly salaries. Subsequent consultations and awareness of the employees in relation to them.
  3. Total Employee Care including the human factor such as adaptation of employees, assessment, motivation, retention and other important HR tools and policies.

Thanks to our knowledge and experience in the field of outsourced business services, we understand the client’s needs and we are able to design solutions for more effective usage and optimization of time and resources.

Executive Payroll Solution includes successive activities that optimize the time of the HR manager, by unloading him from operational tasks (1 and 2 above). By allocating the activities related to the Human Resource of Management Team between Sb and HR department, the Executive Payroll eliminates the “Defocus” factor, which is a main HR problem. This optimizes the specialist’s time and makes him more efficient in his work. He focuses on what the Management team and the rest of the employees expect from him (3 above), which means all the people within the organization to be satisfied because they work what they like and respectively bring higher contribution to the company’s common goal.

If you want to learn more about how Sb Solutions contributes to the overall HR policy of an organization, do not hesitate to contact with us.