The trade representation office of a foreign person is not a legal entity. This person can`t exercise business activity on his own. Transactions concluded through it are always on behalf of the foreign person. When these deals are concluded with local people for the needs of the trade representation office, they should follow the procedure for transactions between residents. The trade representation office should be registered in the united register of businesses – BULSTAT. This is the simplest legal form for conducting business in Bulgaria, even though trading cannot be done through it.

– The trade representative is a new legal subject, different from the foreign person.

– The trade representation office does not have the right to execute a business activity. It acts on behalf of other legal entity and on others account.

– The trade representative can advertise the activity of at he represented by it foreign legal entity , to conclude contracts on its behalf, but without any profits of this activity, because its maintenance is provided by the foreign legal entity. The trade representation office cannot exercise trade activity.