Sb Accounting & Consulting was established back in 1989 in the capital Sofia. The practice has thrived and expanded and is now a several partners firm employing tens of professionals in the areas of accounting, finance, taxation, payroll, IT and marketing.

Sb Accounting & Consulting specializes in the accounting services provided to its clients with a very high level of professionalism, knowledge and competency. Being one of the oldest accounting companies on the Bulgarian market, Sb is a proud accounting partner of many of the biggest and most popular companies in Bulgaria. The clients’ network consists of companies from various industries, size and legal forms with different accounting needs and objectives.

What makes Sb Accounting & Consulting the truly different accounting practice, apart from the unarguable level of professional competency, is the personal and individual approach that the company is treating its clients with. It can be said that the accounting services of Sb are boutique services, provided to clients with great deal of personal care and attitude and are always fully corresponding to the clients’ interests and accounting objectives. The professionals in Sb Accounting & Consulting do not believe in the general case in accounting, but the individuality and the personal two-way relationship.

When it comes to accounting and professional services in general, it is important to be mentioned that apart from the services themselves a big attention must be paid to the practice and its general attitude. Sb Accounting & Consulting is the company which will fully understand your business objectives, goals and interest, translate them into the accounting language and give you the best personal accounting service in Bulgaria.