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Every great business starts with a simple registration

OK, you already made the right choice!

Regardless, if you are moving your business from somewhere else or you are just starting now, you should be aware that the Bulgarian market and economy has numerous opportunities and incentives to offer. And we truly believe that your business has the full potential to become very successful and profitable one day. Our corporate department will provide you with professional and prompt incorporation services, regardless if you plan to come to Bulgaria for this or no.

If you prefer to do the incorporation from distance – that is perfectly fine. We can represent you or your company on the basis of a PoA which we shall prepare for you. Even if you are not present for the company registration, we shall keep you updated on every stage of the process and will inform you regularly on the progress.

What Type of Company Would You Like to Register in Bulgaria?

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Company registration in Bulgaria (Trading company)

Register your trading company and start doing business straight away. The registration process is very fast, hassle-free and with clear requirements… see more


Registration of EU company – for employment and VAT

Decrease your costs and administrative burden by simply registering your EU company for VAT and/or employment purposes in Bulgaria…see more 


Trade representative office in Bulgaria

If you want to simply start some marketing activities in Bulgaria or you are after a living permit, trade representative office is you preferable choice…see more

Fiscal Representation of a Non-EU company

If your business is established in a non-EU country and you need to make VAT related transaction you will have to establish a fiscal representation in Bulgaria…see more

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