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Payroll Processing & Administration

Our payroll bureau consists of a dedicated team which provides a full and integrated payroll service to a wide range of clients operating small and large payrolls.

We provide a full guarantee of confidentiality and the assurance of special attention to all aspects of your payroll function.

Ensuring payroll is correct is a demanding and time consuming process, regardless how big your organisation is. At the same time, the payroll processing and payroll administration are among the most essential functions of your company and therefore they need to be handled by professionals with rich experience in the area.

With a huge aggregate of experience, latest technology, flexible approach and constant monitoring of the legislative landscape, we have excellent knowledge of the payroll function inside out. Our professional payroll service has been in place for more than 26 years, during which our payroll department has tripled its size and we are now having clients with personnel counting from 5 to 2000 employees. Whatever the headcount of your organization is, or the type of business your company is running, our payroll team will accommodate your needs and will provided you with a top-notch service which is specifically tailored to meet your expectations and requirements.

The Strategic Partnership

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ADP Employer Services International provides multi-country payroll outsourcing services through ADP Streamline®. Sb Accounting & Consulting is a local partner of ADP Streamline® in Bulgaria.

Money-Movement /Disbursement/ Services – Making Salary Payments Has Never Been Easier

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If you chose our professional money-movement services, you will surely buy your company not just a service, but also time, convenience and trouble-free operations. In its nature, the money-movement service represents entrusting the salary and social and state contributions payments of your employees to us. The process is very easy for you to control and coordinate and at the same time it saves you precious company’s resources. Another important advantage of this service is that it makes it possible for you to pay salaries and the related contributions without the need for you to even open bank accounts in Bulgaria. This makes it particularly convenient for foreign companies hiring in Bulgaria, but it’s an attractive solution for Bulgarian employers as well.

Basically, the process looks like this:

  • Sb calculates the total amount of the monthly payroll and sends it to client
  • Client transfers the amount to Sb
  • Sb pays salaries and contributions on behalf of client
  • Sb sends verified confirmation for executed payments to client

How Can We Benefit Your Organization?

  • Significantly reduce your company’s costs
  • Ensure a fast and hassle-free implementation process
  • Have the confidence that your payroll supplier is among the best in the country
  • Minimize the risk of errors and /or non-payment of employees
  • You no longer have to buy and learn how to utilize expensive specialized payroll software
  • Reduce stress in your finance department and gain some time to concentrate on your core business
  • We are flexible and our job is to make your life easier, not to add further complexity in your business. Therefore we provide plenty of options for provision of input and output information, payslips format, salary and contributions payment methods, frequency of payments, etc.
  • The risk of exposing confidential payroll information to unauthorized personnel is reduced to zero.

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