«Attention to details is what has guided me throughout my career and working with people gives me real pleasure»

Gergana Pavlova has been a Managing partner in Sb Accounting & Consulting for more than 20 years. She has considerable professional experience and skills in the areas of accounting process, financial reporting and tax consulting for individuals and business clients.

Her major focus has been the creation of a favorable work environment, taking into account the needs and requirements of both customers and employees.

«Innovations and change are natural driving forces of progress. If we stand still even for a second only, then we are lost»

Latchezar Georgiev is an experienced corporate finance consultant. He has more than 15 years of experience in business outsourced services. He is specialized in developing strategies and making specific planning decisions, as well as consulting all kinds of businesses ranging from small companies to large international corporations.

Latchezar inspires the Sb Accounting & Consulting team members for proactive communication and Sb 360 approach for Total Customer Experience.

Sb Management Team

«To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business and your business in your heart»

Bogdan has been part of Sb Accounting & Consulting since 2006. He is an expert in Business Development and Implementation of Specialized Business Solutions provided by Sb. He and his team design solutions tailored to our clients‘ needs and demands.

«There is always a way»

Savina is qualified Business Development Manager with a huge experience in SME sector. She is skilled in tailoring individual solutions for improving the effectiveness of the business management. Her main goal is to provide business consultancy adding great value for client’s growth and build a long-term relationship with key customers.

«Work is my way of self-expression»

Plamena has great experience in the field of Legal Services and Regulatory compliance. The department she manages guarantees that the business solution complies with global and local requirements and legislation.

«This job is a challenge to me as a perfectionist and an opportunity for continuous improvement»

Anton joins Sb team in 2010. He is focused on to the development and implementation of new process automation tools, as well as the improvement of Sb information technology infrastructure.

«Work for me is a balance between decision-making, responsibility and a lot of emotions»

Irena has been a member of Sb Accounting & Consulting since 2008. She coordinates the activities with the Government and State authorities and financial institutions. She has a key role in relationship management with our customers and partners.

«Work at Sb develops my creativity and motivates me for perfection»

Velislava coordinates the processes related to the support of our clients. She is taking care for the Service Request management having the response time as a primary priority.

«Having total customer experience is my mark for success»

Borislav has been a member of the Customer Service Department since 2015. His main duties include project coordination and Service Request Management. He is focused on performance optimization and client relationship management.

«Life at Sb is something that makes me go above and beyond at my job»

Ana-Maria coordinates inbound enquiries and assists our partners. She is focused on internal process improvement and customer satisfaction.

«I have a personal satisfaction and I‘m getting better through my job»

Antoniya has started her career at Sb in 2012. She has been specializing in the Implementation of various business services for the last four years. She has significant knowledge and experience in finding solutions for a wide range of complex cases.

«Improve quality, you automatically improve productivity.»

Ivelin works closely with project managers and Sb Team to identify methods for improving informational technologies performance. Part of his responsibilities are the implementations of AI solutions and automation of processes in the company. He recommends ways to improve efficiency that increasing customer satisfaction.

«Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation»

Nikoleta works in close cooperation with Sb team. Her experience and professional skills contribute to the relationship development between the company and its business partners.

Sb Support Team

Sb Legal and Compliance Team

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