Why Should You Entrust Your Functions to Us?

We, at Sb Accounting & Consulting have proven to be a very efficient and trusted partner. By being this experienced, we are in a position to guarantee all our prospect clients a smooth and painless transition to any of our services.

No matter how big or complex your organization is, we have developed the right mechanisms to ensure that we shall conduct a hassle-free implementation and no one in your company will even notice that it is in a state of transition.

During the years we have developed and successfully utilized a standardised process which identifies within the function to be outsourced the changes which need to be made, the resources that need to be involved, the risks which must be addressed and controlled, and the benefits which we want the client to receive.

Our Implementation Process Roughly Consists of the Following Main Stages:

  • Project and procedures planning
  • Understanding and analysing the current business of the client
  • Drafting the main stages of the project, together with the respective roles and responsibilities
  • Gathering the client’s requirements and objectives
  • Take on current data
  • Set up all the related systems and processes
  • Preparation of the detailed working practices
  • Test processing cycle run
  • Implementation sign-off and post implementation training and control

icon informationYou will be assigned with an Implementation Manager who will take care of all the above mentioned service at the highest professional level and in full accordance with the agreed deadlines and specifics.

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