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Meet the Sb Team

It is the people in our company that make the difference


Gergana Pavlova is a Managing Partner of Sb Accounting & Consulting for more than 20 years now. Her expertise spans corporate and international tax compliance, corporate and international tax consulting, outsourcing and financial reporting of all types of legal entities.

A significant part of her responsibilities within the company include working closely with new and existing clients to establish the best solutions for their needs and is also involved in business development and consultancy initiatives to further develop the firm’s practice.

When outside of the office, Mrs. Pavlova enjoys spending time with her children, going to the cinema and travelling.

Latchezar Georgiev is an experienced corporate finance advisory partner with over 10 years experience advising clients in a wide range of industries. He specialises in advising corporate clients, both nationally and internationally, ranging from smaller owner managed businesses to large international corporations.

In addition to that, Latchezar is a proven expert in the payroll management area. He works closely with the company’s payroll department so that to ensure all clients’ objectives are met and all reporting duties are observed. Alongside his core obligations at the company, Latchezar always makes sure he stays close to Sb’s clients and is very responsive to all client’s enquiries.

When not working, Latchezar is a passionate sportsman, who particularly enjoys dirt biking and windsurfing.

Management Team

Bogdan Ivanchev has been a valuable member of Sb Accounting & Consulting since 2006. He is an esteemed expert in the fields of internal audit and financial control. A significant part of Bogdan’s contribution to the company include his efforts in developing new services and service bundles to our prospects and existing clients.

His competent and friendly approach towards all our clients has been always highly appraised and has made him a benchmark for an excellent clients’ service on the market. In addition to this, Bogdan is Sb Accounting & Consulting’s Implementation Manager who has years of experience with implementing organisations of all sizes, structures and specifics. Thanks to his efforts in this area, Sb Accounting & Consulting is proud to offer a fast and hassle-free transition period to all its prospects for all its services.

Among the many hobbies Bogdan has are going to the gym, cycling and spending time with his twins.

Nedko Geshev has more than 12 years of significant experience in the area of IT, Business Process Outsourcing services and Business Development. He leads and directs the work of our business development department and marketing team, as well.

A significant part of his responsibilities includes the coordination and completion of all projects on time, project development, overseeing all aspects, monitoring and summarizing progress of the team work. For the period that he spent in the company Nedko won recognition as very organized person who is familiar with a variety of the field’s concepts and practices. His efforts are aimed at consolidating the good partner relationships with our clients.

What Nedko adores to do in his spare time is travelling and spearing time with his family.

Plamena Dimitrova joined the company in 2011 having spent the past 8 years as a legal expert in the area of company’s restructuring, insolvency, corporate litigation and regulatory investigations. A significant part of Plamena’s job responsibilities at Sb include advising on various aspects of our clients’ business matters,

related to employment contractual obligations and reporting, finance, internal and external audit compliance, corporate restructuring, merges and acquisitions, property maintenance and statutory reporting. She is also ensuring to all our clients that all their local obligations are observed and that all their requirements on a global level are in strict accordance with the Bulgarian legislation on a local level.

In her free time, Plamena enjoys travelling, listening to nice music and practicing winter sports.

Anton Parushev is our skillful IT Manager since 2010. He has deep knowledge and solid long-term experience in managing the entire IT infrastructure of our company.

He is also working closely with all the members of our team with the purpose of implementing new means of automation of our processes, as well as working very hard on the constant improvement and development of the IT and security needs of our organization. Anton was also leading our ISO27001:2005 certification and ISO27001:2013 migration processes.

Among the many hobbies Anton has, are cycling, reading, playing computer games and basketball.

Nikoleta Petkova practical knowledge is in the field of Communication and Public Relations. She is creative person and very active in outbound or inbound marketing activities by demonstrating expertise in various areas.

Nikoleta works in close cooperation with the entire team of the company. Her experience and professional skills contribute to the maintenance and development of the relationships between Sb Accounting & Consulting and its business partners. The main responsibilities are marketing trends, data analyzing, Public relations and event planning.

In her spare time Nikoleta likes challenging herself with Drama Theater Acting.

Simeon has enviable knowledge in the field of project development, search engine optimization practices and web design. His ability to think creatively, identifying and resolve problems are deeply appreciated in the company.

Simeon works closely with marketing team in order to develop different projects. Among his main duties are identifying market trends, creating website architecture and content, executing tests, website analytics and design, marketing activities etc.

In his free time Simeon not only likes playing computer games, but listening nice music and practicing different sport activities as well.

Irena Dimitrova joined Sb Accounting & Consulting in 2008 and she has always been a highly appraised member of our team with exquisite skills and knowledge in the area of project management, crisis management, customer service management and statutory reporting specifics.

She is also responsible for the coordination of the flow of communication with all state authorities, bank transactions and statutory payments, as well as for relocating company’s resources to various simultaneous projects.

Outside of the office, Irena is a fabulous cook, who also enjoys going to the cinema, aerobics and spending time with her friends.

Borislav Kirilov started working in Sb as a Customer Agent and distinguished himself very fast as a perfect supervisor, efficient multi-tasker and coordinator of various tasks. Therefore, he was promoted in Customer Service Manager only couple of months after we started cooperating.

Among the many professional skills Borislav possesses, there are controlling resources and utilising assets to achieve qualitative and quantitative targets, overseeing agreed customer service requirements and standards, coordinating and managing customer service projects and initiatives, providing assistance and professional advice to customers on a regular basis, managing and supervising various projects on a simultaneous basis.

When not in the office, Borislav is a skilled fisherman, who also enjoys travelling and listening to qualitative music.

Ana-Maria has joined Sb in the beginning of 2015 and ever since then she has always been demonstrating her excellent skills in managing projects and juggling with multiple tasks.

She is a proven expert in the field of services and internal processes improvement with the purpose of reaching a supreme customer satisfaction. Ana is also responsible for a considerable part of the clients’ correspondence review and supervision, as well as for coordinating the resolution of various situations and cases.

What Ana loves doing in her free time is meeting up with friends and travelling.

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