The Sb Culture

The culture of perfection and the passion to step beyond

We, the people of Sb Accounting & Consulting, have many mottos, but our favourite one is that “Whatever the client requests, we shall deliver it”. For us there is no “We can’t do it”, we shall always listen to you, hear what you need and then get to organize the delivery of it.

Our company’s and team culture is a based mainly on efficiency. We have built in our office a nice and friendly environment which truly contributes to the effective work and the quality of the services we deliver to our clients. Due to the fact that most of our team’s members have been working for Sb Accounting & Consulting for at least 5 years, we have managed to build a team which is strong and united and which truly believes in the principles of integrity, equality and honesty.

We are all hard-workers, who love to get the things done. We all like to go home at the end of the working day with the satisfaction that all tasks have been finished and there is nothing which was scheduled for today and left for tomorrow. This is how we walk our way towards perfection every day.

And we also love to have fun. Good teams are not only good when working, but when partying as well.. We never miss the opportunity to gather together when there is a birthday in the team or when there is any kind of happy occasion. We always take any of our colleague’s joy as our own and we celebrate for their happiness.

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