Payroll Services in Bulgaria

April 2013

The Paid Annual Leave

2018-03-20T15:54:45+02:00April 25th, 2013|Payroll, Questions & Answers|

The paid annual leave is a period of time, when the employee is not obliged to execute his labor obligations, but is entitled to a monetary compensation – proportional to his salary. The right to use paid leave can be exercised only, when there is an employment relationship, and when the employee/worker gives to the [...]

February 2013

Obligations of an Employer According to the Bulgarian Insurance and Tax Legislation When Sending a Hired Person On a Business Trip From a EU Member State to Bulgaria

2018-03-20T15:54:46+02:00February 12th, 2013|Clients Showcase|

The case: The questions cаme from an organization, which is a part of an international concern, established from companies which are separate legal entities. For the purpose of exporting the German production in Bulgaria, an Italian citizen with a form A1 has been sent to the Bulgarian company, who has an active labor contract with [...]

January 2013

Insurance Of An Owner of Solely Owned Limited Liability Company With Second Labor Contract

2013-01-24T16:30:39+02:00January 24th, 2013|Clients Showcase, Questions & Answers|

Recently we received a question from a visitor at our website which was the following: “I am a sole shareholder of a limited liability company. In the company I have appointed a director, who I insure. I work on a labor contract with another employer, who insures me for all insurance cases. My question is, [...]

October 2012

Sb Accounting & Consulting Is With New Address

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Dear Clients, Partners, Suppliers and Associates, We, Sb Accounting & Consulting, are happy to inform you that we have changed our office address from 70’ Tzaribrodska Street to 46-48’ Opalchenska Street, fl. 7. For more detailed directions, please see section “Contacts” on our website. In this connection, we are kindly asking you to redirect all [...]

September 2011

You Think That Outsourcing Your Payroll Is Not a Very Good Idea? We Believe That This Is The Most Affordable and Wise Decision You Can Make! – Part II

2018-03-20T15:54:49+02:00September 14th, 2011|Consulting, Doing Business in Bulgaria, Outsourcing, Payroll, Questions & Answers|

We will continue now our last post 4. Speed. Speed is essential matter in the payroll processing, because most of the times there are deadlines involved. When you outsource your payroll in most of the cases you work with specialists and professionals who have a vast experience, modern software and a lot of other resources [...]