Executive Payroll Processing and Administration
For Balanced Working Environment

Executive Payroll Processing and Administration is a specialized business solution that differentiates the payroll process for the Management team from the rest of the employees.

The package of services includes:

  • Personal Key Account Manager

  • Payroll Processing and Administrative Activities

  • Payroll Payment process on behalf of the client

  • Shared responsibility

  • Archiving

The solution strengthens the confidentiality and reduces the risk of information leakage for the remunerations of the Management team. It enables efficient time management of the Human Resources department due to their exemption from the responsibility to collect and archive sensitive information. Moreover, the Executive Payroll Processing and Administration plays a significant role as a tool for motivation and compliment for the Management Team. It is a great way to demonstrate gratitude, appreciation and respect.

Why Executive Payroll Processing and Administration?

By restricting the internal access to processing of salaries and storage of personal data, the Executive Payroll Processing and Administration solution provides privacy protection and confidentiality of the Management Team’s remuneration information. The Personal Key Account Manager reacts proactively and as a matter of priority to issues related to the employment relationship with the employer and the resulting insurance rights and obligations. In the same way, the HR department can focus on other important activities related to other employees.

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