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We design business solutions thanks to our extensive portfolio of outsourcing services. Our focus is to exceed the clients’ expectations using personal approach through the implementation and customer support phases.

Our packages of services:

  • Launching a New Business

  • Bookkeeping and Accounting

  • Statutory Accounting and Local Reporting

  • Payroll Management

  • HR Administration

Our Specialized Business Solutions consolidates various professional services for completeness and integrity of the business relationships.

We help you exceed your business goals using Sb 360 approach for establishing a sustainable long-term partnership.

Latchezar Georgiev – Managing Partner

Bogdan Ivanchev – Business Development Manager

Our Team provides a smooth transition and adaptation to the new environment throughout the implementation processes. We turn the project into action using innovative techniques and good practices.

Sb Implementation process covers the following operational phases:

  • Definition of the scope of work

  • Elaboration of a project plan

  • SLA and Matrix of Responsibilities

Our Team closely monitors the Implementation in order to achieve Hypercare by focusing on High-Touch customer support, efficient Technologies and Continuous Improvement.

We set a goal to achieve Total Customer Experience!

Specially Designed

Launching a New Business

Designed for foreign companies expanding their businesses in Bulgaria and start-ups willing to turn their ideas into action.

The package of services includes:

  • Creating a working business model and entering strategy
  • Establishing local legal presence – Company formation, set up of Trade Representative office, registration for tax purposes and others
  • Opening bank accounts, assistance with online banking and payment cards
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Specialized Business Solutions

Ad hoc portfolio of auxiliary tasks and blend of activities contributing to our partnership completeness, integrity and long-term collaboration.

The package of services includes:

  • Assurance of consistency and compliance, management of company changes and other legal ad hoc tasks
  • Representation and Virtual office – secretary, main forwarding, customer service
  • Global Mobility Services – residence and work permits A1, S1, U1, DA1, P1
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Bookkeeping and Accounting

Flexible solution adaptable to business scale, its subject and scope of activity with the purpose to address your specific needs.

The package of services includes:

  • Developing accounting policies, regulations and instructions
  • Bookkeeping and management reporting of financial transactions
  • Tax return preparation and filing of regular statutory reporting
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Statutory Accounting and Local Reporting

Created for business clients performing their own bookkeeping and in needs of statutory accounting and local reporting in Bulgaria.

The package of services includes:

  • Financial accounting and controlling activities
  • Compliance with the requirement of the local tax legislation
  • Preparation and filing of all local statutory reporting
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Payroll Management

Created for assisting you with the administrative and supporting activities related to the accurate, legitimate and consistent payment of your employees.

The package of services includes:

  • Administration of data changes, absence management, employment certificates
  • Payroll information and assistance with statutory and non-statutory parties
  • Payroll Calculation and Processing services
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Executive Payroll

Specialized business solution that differentiates the payroll process for the Management team from the rest of the employees.

The package of services includes:

  • Personal Key Account Manager
  • Payroll Processing and Administrative Activities
  • Payroll Payment process on behalf of the client
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HR Administration

Efficient solution that combines HR administration, management processes and rules for your employees and their labour activities.

The package of services includes:

  • Management and Administration of personnel
  • Attendance and leave reporting, benefits and deductions management
  • Personal employee file maintenance, internal labour rules and regulations
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