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At Sb Accounting & Consulting, we know from experience that the good-performing employees are the most valuable asset of any organization which creates a real competitive advantage. The selection of the right candidates is not just important, but crucial for the uninterrupted function and the successful development of the company.

What Really Matters?

Being proven professionals in the area of recruiting talents, we have found out for ourselves that not just the skills, education and work experience make a candidate the right one for a certain organization. We always observe also traits, personal behavior, body language and culture of expression. And last but not least, the candidate should be a great match with the culture and values of the Employer‘s organization. This is why we never save our time and efforts to get to know our clients and their organisations better so that we are able on a later stage to find their perfect matches among the candidates.

Our recruitment team offers end-to-end recruitment solutions and is highly specialized in selecting candidates for job positions in the area of accounting, payroll and HR. During the process of selection, we will keep you constantly updated and will give you full control over the outcome which is another success factor.

What Will Be the Stages of the Recruitment Process?

  • Defining the profile for every particular job position
  • Preparation and publishing of the job position advertising at the appropriate and suitable for this position career websites/newspapers/electronic editions
  • Review and appraisal of all the received candidates’ documents
  • Initial selection on the basis of the received resumes
  • Preparation of a first step shortlist with candidates that are suitable to be invited to an interview
  • Organising and conducting the initial interviews at our premises which will include the following stages:
    – General discussion with the candidate with the purpose of establishing his/her style of expression and attitude
    – Language test
    – Psychological test for identifying the skills and traits for performing the particular job position
    – Sending of regular update to the Client for the progress of the recruitment process
    – Others /depending on the Client’s requirements/

What Will Be the Stages of the Recruitment Process?

  • Preparation of written resumes for the performance of all the candidates during the interviews
  • Preparation of a second short list of candidates whose resumes to be presented to the Client
  • Preparation of a schedule for conducting interviews together with the Client and the shortlisted candidates
  • Organising and conducting of the second stage interviews with the shortlisted candidates. Interviews can be conducted either in the Client’s premises or the Consultant’s office
  • Preparation of comparison table for all the shortlisted candidates and presenting it before the Client
  • Proposal for final ranking of the candidates’ performance and provision of detailed argumentation to the Client
  • Preparation of job offer and submission to the selected candidate. In case the first ranked in the recruitment process rejects the offer – sending the offer to the secondly ranked, third ranked, etc.
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