The quality policy of Sb Accounting & Consulting reflects the strategic line of development that the company aims and provides a framework for achieving quality, transparency and effective customer service.

Almost for three decades now, Sb Accounting & Consulting has been providing high-quality services in the area of shared business processes and more precisely accounting, payroll, human resources administration, legal and compliance services for conformity with legal requirements and best practices as well as business and consulting solutions. At the core of the company’s policy, is the offering of products and services of high quality, efficiency and functionality, as well as striving to constantly improve them. The organization offers services to its clients, being confident in their successful execution, complying with the requirements of the normative acts that are applicable to the company’s activity, of the implemented standards ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 for provision of payroll and accounting services as well as the requirements of the clients, the stakeholders and the good practices.

Our clients are our partners. We share their responsibilities and reduce the risk of their business decisions to a minimum. With the consultations under the current legislation we give them up-to-date and adequate information in the rapidly changing economic environment and tax system. Our services exempt from the care of keeping accounting and payroll departments, qualified human resources and enabling customers to focus on the core business subject matter they are developing.

Sb Accounting & Consulting is committed to adopt the following basic principles of action and business objectives

  • Leadership

  • Partnership and focus on our customers

  • Professionalism and expertise

  • Employee’s engagement

  • Working for the benefit of our clients

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Technological advances and innovative trends

  • Transparency and accountability

  • Process Approach and Risk-Based Thinking

  • Risk management

  • Performance evaluation

The organization’s management is committed to implement and keep up-to-date the quality policy in line with the organization’s goals and strategic direction. The policy is communicated to all stakeholders and receives feedback, containing recommendations and attention areas, analyzed and tailored.