Our most valuable asset? People, of course!

What is it like to work for Sb Accounting & Consulting? What should you expect? What defines our working atmosphere?

Well, working here is a real challenge and fun. We are truly dedicated to what we do and we take our job very seriously. We respect each other and we are always ready to help our team mate at hard times. This is what we expect from the newcomers, too. From the very beginning of their employment, newcomers are welcomed and treated as full right members of the team. We won’t save our time and energy to get them into our job specifics and organization and we will guide them through the established working processes and all the clients’ specifics and requirements.

For us things are very straightforward. If you are hired in our company, then you are one of us and you can rely on us. We won’t get your job done, but we will show you how to do it yourself. We will not make compliments to you how good you are, but we will help you become better and better.

Many think that our business is very punctual and there is no space for creativity. Exactly the opposite…Our job is as creative as being an artist, but instead of canvas we have reports, instead of the purpose to draw a beautiful painting, we aim to increase our clients’ wealth and keep them happy with our services. To be able to do so, we always encourage all our employees to think outside of the box and to bring new ideas in board. This is why it is so important for them to be inspired – we want to provoke the best of our employees’ talent and to see their full potential in action.

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If you have a general enquiry about employment with us, please contact us at jobs@sb-bg.com.
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