November 2011

The Specifics of the New VAT Regulation for Member States Presented by the EU – Part III

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The Specifics of the New VAT Regulation for Member States Presented by the EU – Part I The Specifics of the New VAT Regulation for Member States Presented by the EU – Part II For defining the place of supply of services it is necessary for the supplier to establish if the customer is a [...]

September 2011

How Should Your Business Go About Selecting The Right Accountant?

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Pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey games are popular with young children and parents alike. Just put on a blindfold, spin around a few times and enjoy as the person struggles to stick a pin into the picture of a donkey that’s missing its tail. Traditional games like this are fine but what worries me is when we take this [...]

Registration Of a New Company In Bulgaria

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Are you a foreign businessman interested in registering a company and starting a business in Bulgaria? In this case this article is exactly for you. These are the first things you need to consider before you go into action. First, you need to define exactly the following: • The name of the new company • [...]

Interested In Going Offshore? No Problem! Sb Accounting & Consulting Is Here For You!

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One hot topic circulating around Bulgaria today is “Should I move offshore?” Tax advantages are just one side of the story. But what else have offshore jurisdictions to offer to entrepreneurs and how Sb Accounting & Consulting can assist you in entering these markets? Find all the answers here. It is a fact that numerous [...]

You Think That Outsourcing Your Payroll Is Not a Very Good Idea? We Believe That This Is The Most Affordable and Wise Decision You Can Make! – Part II

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We will continue now our last post 4. Speed. Speed is essential matter in the payroll processing, because most of the times there are deadlines involved. When you outsource your payroll in most of the cases you work with specialists and professionals who have a vast experience, modern software and a lot of other resources [...]