People make the difference

Sb Team unite a diversity of talents that share the same passion
for client service and innovations

Our primary goals as Managing partners in Sb are the high quality of client service, building of sustainable long-term partnership taking into account the needs and requirements of both customers and employees.

We are proud to have a team of colleagues that share the same passion for client service and innovations as us.

Sb Team brings together professionals with diverse expertise, both those with proven years of experience in accounting, taxation, employment and legal cases and young experts who develop and integrate innovative technologies in processes so that we provide the best quality of services.

Latchezar Georgiev
Managing Partner

Gergana Pavlova
Managing Partner

Meet our Business Development Team

Bogdan Ivanchev
Business Development Manager

Bogdan has been part of Sb core management team since 2006. Responsible for the Business Development and Implementation he is experience in tailoring solutions to the clients‘ needs and demands with different size and scope of activity.

Savina Dineva
Business Development Manager

Savina is qualified Business Development Manager with a huge experience in SME sector. She is skilled in tailoring individual solutions for improving the effectiveness of the business management. Her main goal is to provide business consultancy adding great value for client’s growth and build a long-term relationship with key customers.

Antoniya Tsenkova
Business Development Specialist

Antoniya has been part of Sb team science in 2012. She is specialized in the Implementation of all business services being Payroll, HR or Accounting related. She has significant knowledge and experience in finding solutions for a wide range of complex cases.

Nikoleta Petkova
Marketing Specialist

Nikoleta is our Marketing Guru. Her creativity and professional skills contribute to our success in building relationships with our business partners, in achieving results, as well as maintaining the Sb team spirit.

Anton Parushev
IT Manager

Anton joins Sb team in 2010. He is responsible for Sb Webtools constant development, the implementation of new process automation tools, as well as the improvement of Sb information technology infrastructure.

Ivelin Stoyanov
Continuous Improvement Specialist

Ivelin works closely with project managers to identify methods for improving informational technologies performance and increasing customer satisfaction. Part of his responsibilities are the implementations of advanced technologies in the company.

Irena Dimitrova
Customer Service Manager

Irena has been a member of Sb team since 2008. She coordinates the activities between the Government and State authorities and Financial Institutions and our customers and partners.

Meet our Customer Support Team

Borislav Kirilov
Customer Service Supervisor

Borislav is responsible for the client relationship management, knowing client needs, ensuring the smooth transition after the implementation process and the monthly recurring services. He is focused on performance optimization and increasing client’s satisfaction.

Ana-Maria Vladimirova
Customer Service Supervisor

Ana-Maria coordinates the inbound enquiries and manages the clients’ support. She is experienced in the active communication with clients, ensuring the monthly recurring services. She participates in the client’s presentations and training process.

Velislava Aleksandrova
Customer Service Supervisor

Ani Stoyanova
Customer Service Specialist

Mihaela Kirilova
Customer Service Specialist

Desislava Ilieva
Customer Service Specialist

Kremena Angelova
Customer Service Specialist

Asen Nikolov
Customer Service Specialist

Ivan Krastev
Customer Service Specialist

Lora Stefanova
Customer Service Specialist

Martin Davidov
Customer Service Specialist

Yavor Doctorov
Customer Service Specialist

Desislava Koleva
Customer Care Specialist

Meet our Legal Team

Plamena Dimitrova
Legal and Compliance Manager

Plamena has great experience in the field of Legal Services and Regulatory compliance. The department she manages guarantees that the business solution complies with global and local requirements and legislation.

Nansi Yancheva
Legal and Compliance Specialist

Natalia Aleksandrova
Legal and Compliance Specialist

Dima Nesheva
Legal and Compliance Specialist

Rositsa Isaeva
Legal and Compliance Specialist

Kirila Arnaudova
Legal and Compliance Specialist

Eli Popova
Legal and Compliance Specialist

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