Sb Payroll Solutions

Executive Payroll as a Tool of Motivation

Keep Your Managers engaged and involved in seeking true growth of your business. Motivate them with Executive Payroll!

Effective HR Management with Executive Payroll

Exempts Human Resources department from the responsibility to collect and archive sensitive information.

Executive Payroll

Strengthens the confidentiality and reduces the risk of misuse or dissemination of personal data by using proper tools for data protection.

Broadcast Inside

Gergana Pavlova – Managing Partner

“Everything we do is aimed at increasing the added value of the solutions we supply for accomplishing our clear goal, i.e. exceed clients expectations”

Latchezar Georgiev – Managing Partner

“Our focus is to exceed the clients’ expectations using personal approach through the design, implementation and customer support phases”

Bogdan Ivanchev – Business Development Manager

We know the business specifics of every account and with the help of our unique Sb 360 approach, we provide impeccable solutions based on High-Touch, Modern Technologies and Continuous Improvement

Latchezar Georgiev – Managing Partner

“Sb 360 comes naturally in the course of our daily efforts aimed to exceed our client expectations. Sb 360 is a way of thinking. It’s a philosophy. It’s a benchmark”

Ana-Maria Vladimirova – Customer Support Supervisor
Borislav Kirilov – Customer Support Supervisor

“We have always been working towards providing outstanding customer support to our clients and constantly aiming to exceed their expectations”

Bogdan Ivanchev – Business Development Manager

“We give long-term, accurate and individual solutions based on innovative techniques and best practices”

Plamena Dimitrova – Legal and Compliance Manager

“We monitor all changes in the legal framework, analyze them and actively participate in their implementation into the operational activity”

Anton Parushev – Information Technology Manager

“My mission is to implement modern technologies for flexible and reliable service during the whole period of our long-term partnership”

Plamena Dimitrova – Legal and Compliance Manager

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