26. Q: Do you offer a free accounting, tax and payroll consultation?
A: We will be pleased to meet with you at no cost to discuss your needs, and to gain a better understanding of your business. This gives you the opportunity to find out more about how we can help you, and helps us tailor our service to your specific requirements.
27. Q: How quickly can you set up my payroll?
A: This will depend on the size, complexity and format of the existing data. For small companies we will be ready with the implementation within a week, for medium sized companies within two weeks and for bigger clients – it depends on the exact number of pay-slips needed and the client’s reporting requirements.
28. Q: Do you have a Payroll Help desk to answer payroll queries?
A: Yes. We have a help desk staffed by fully trained payroll professionals. This service is available to all of our payroll clients.
29. Q: Our company is relatively small and I was wondering if the outsourcing of the accounting will make sense to us?
A: Absolutely. Any sized company can benefit from a bespoke outsourcing service. You can outsource the whole accounting service or just a small part of it. We aim to provide you with only the services that you want, when you need them. As your business evolves and grows outsourcing allows you the flexibility to change the services provided to support your growth. Outsourcing also allows you to control the costs of your finance function.
30. Q: Can your company assist us in issuing transport and trade licenses?
A: Absolutely, we are solidly experienced into this matter and will provide you with full support and assistance with this. We will also do our best to shorten the time of the issuing procedure.