21. Q: Will non EU citizen get resident permit after registering a company in Bulgaria ?
A: Not automatically, unfortunately. Company establishment is not prerequisite for getting resident permit in Bulgaria. In order to obtain it, the non EU citizen has to incorporate a specific additional entity which allows the non EU citizen to receive a residence permit / visa type D for long term staying in Bulgaria. If you set up only a company in Bulgaria then you could get visa type C – Type C which is issued to an alien for a single or multiple entry into Bulgaria and a cumulative duration of the stay not exceeding 90 days within any six-month period, reckoned from the date of first entry. A multiple entry short-stay visa may be with a period of validity not exceeding 12 months, save in so far as otherwise provided in an international treaty in force for the Republic of Bulgaria or in an act of the Council of Ministers.
22. Q: Will non EU citizen get resident permit if owning a real estate in Bulgaria?
A: No.The non EU proprietor of real estate could get only a short-stay visa. In order to get residence permit / visa type D for long-term staying in Bulgaria there is a long list of implications that need to be met. Part of them are: to invest over 500,000 euros on the Bulgarian market or to initiate a business activity under the Law for stimulation of foreign investments or if you have some special contributions for the Bulgarian in the area of national security, science, technology, culture or sports.
23. Q: Will non EU citizen get resident permit if incorporate company with capital of more than 10 000 euro?
A: No. The share capital of the new company has to be more than EUR 500,000 in order the non EU citizen to apply for a resident permit on these grounds.
24. Q: If the visa is just for 90 days shall I renew it every time?
A: There is a possibility the short-stay visa to be issued for 5 years term with the limitation not to spend in Bulgaria more than six months in a row per year. In order to take this visa, you will need to establish an LLC which has hired at least 10 Bulgarian employees or to be a foreign specialist with an international labour contract or to be married for a resident or to be a family member of a foreigner who is already a resident, etc.
25. Q: Could you please give me some more information about the retirement plan based on the Company business?
A: Provided that the company director pays in taxes and deductions in Bulgaria he will be entitled to retirement plan. Kindly note that the medical care becomes free of charge only after three years of regular paying medical care insurance.