76. Q: What is the purpose of the employee’s labour book?
A: When starting a new job, the employer is entitled to request the labour book of the new employee. This is the official document which provides detailed evidence for the employee’s working history and experience. When hired, the employer enters information in the labour book such as the date of the hire, the agreed remuneration, the name of the employer. When quitting a job the employer is required to again request the labour book and to inter in it information about the date of the termination of the labour contract and afterwards to return it to the employee. In case of losing the labour book the employee is obliged to inform the Labour inspection, which issue to him a new one on the grounds of provided by him data and information.
77. Q: Do I have to inform my employer that I am also working at another place and do I need some kind of permission from him to do so?
A: According to the Bulgarian Labour code you are not obliged to inform your employer that you are having an extra job, unless this is explicitly pointed in your basic labour contract. There are certain employers, though, who forbid in the labour contracts the employee to have a second job while working for them. You should also have in mind that the maximum duration of the working time for additional labour contract together with the basic one should not exceed 48 hours per week for adults. In case when the employee is willing to work more than 48 hours per week he/she should give his/her explicit written consent for this to the respective employer.
78. Q: I am having an additional labour contract to my basic one and I am planning to terminate it. How many days before the termination of my contract should I submit my notification?
A: If you are planning to terminate your additional labour contract, then according to the Bulgarian Labour code you should notify your employer 15 days prior to this.
79. Q: Can the money given by the employer to the employee for business trips per day be reduced, provided that the price for the hotel room also includes breakfast?
A: Yes, it is possible, but not obligatory. In case when the food for the employee who is on a business trip is ensured, the employer is not obliged to pay the entire amount due on a daily basis, namely BGN 20. Nevertheless, the employer may still decide to pay the entire amount, so this is a matter which is to be decided solely by the latter.
80. Q: I am currently hired to work a couple of days per month for one year. My question is am I entitled to get length of service, social and health insurance and paid leave according to this labour contract?
A: Yes, you are entitled to all this and the paid leave which you are entitled to is calculated by the employer proportionally of the length of service.