71. Q: How are my virtual office phone messages handled?
A: Should you be unavailable, your virtual office operator will direct your callers to your virtual office voicemail or to your off-site personal voicemail. You can even have your virtual office messages e-mailed directly to you! You’ll never miss a message with our virtual office.
72. Q: If I become your client who is going to handle my accounting and payroll matters?
A: As soon as you become our client, a key account manager will be appointed to you and your company. The key account managers who work in our company are professionals with solid experience and knowledge and they will serve as your fist point of contact for every matter, problem or question that you might have. We firmly believe that the account management is the key to a successful, personalised and productive service which always stays close to the clients and serve them in the most adequate way. Behind the key account manager there are accounting, payroll, taxation and corporate departments which work in perfect line with each other and with the client’s requirements and needs.
73. Q: What is account payable?
A: Account Payable is a short term liability of a company. It represents a process by which a company buys goods and services on credit and is billed in the form of an invoice, which states the terms and conditions of the payment. Accounts payable is recorded as a current liability in the balance sheet. All accounts payable entries are to be coded under the right G/L accounts to have an accurate picture of the company’s short term liability.
74. Q: What are the necessary documents from the employee for concluding a labor contract?
A: When you are entering into contract, regardless whether it’s basic or additional contract, you need to present the following documents: identity card, which is being returned to you immediately; a document for a certain educational degree (from high school or university, depending on the certain position requirements); additional qualifications and certificates (if any); medical certificate and evidence that the employee has not been convicted.
75. Q: What happens if when hiring a new employee the latter refuses to provide his/her identity card to be photocopied?
A: According to the regulations of the Commission for Personal Data Protection, the employer is not allowed to photocopy the ID cards of his/her employees. The necessary data needed to conclude a labor contract are the following: names, permanent address, personal identification number, an evidence for finalized certain level of educational degree, and other evidences for additional skills or competences, such as language proficiency, etc. (if required). For the purpose of concluding the labor contract the employer is entitled to require the ID card but it should be returned to its holder after he/she has been identified as the company’s future employee.