66. Q: How is the virtual office service different from the traditional office?
A: With Sb Accounting & Consulting’s virtual office services you get a complete, professional office environment included in one monthly fee. You’ll also get professional receptionists, state-of-the-art telephone and IT services and many others. With traditional offices, you have to navigate the costly and time-consuming world of setting up and configuring your workspace. Before you can be productive, you must: pay for altering office space, sign a fixed-length office lease, provide office furniture, contract with multiple service providers (phone, Internet, maintenance), hire an office staff, buy or rent office equipment, build or configure connectivity infrastructure, spend time, resources and money
With us and our services your office space solutions are a single phone call or mouse click away.
67. Q: Where will my virtual office seat be located?
A: Your virtual seat will be located in the downtown of the city, with great communication and multiple transport options. For the convenience of you and your clients and partners, your office premises will no be located any further than twenty minutes from the airport.
68. Q: What type of meeting rooms do you offer?
A: A Sb’s meeting room is cost-effective and tailored to meet your needs. Whether it is a standard meeting room, training room, conference room or board room, we’ve got you covered. A Sb meeting room includes amenities such as free calling and high-speed Internet service. The meeting room support staff ensures that our meeting rooms portray a professional environment, free from the headaches and hassles of a busy office or hotel, so you can focus on your business.
69. Q: If I rent one of your meeting rooms, could you also provide catering services?
A: Yes, whether you choose a standard meeting room, conference room or board room, catering is included with a full-day meeting room standard package. Catering is also available for a half-day meeting room booking. We’ll handle the ordering and delivery to your meeting room so you can focus on your meeting.
70. Q: How will a virtual office allow my business to grow?
A: You can easily test the Bulgarian markets with Sb virtual office without the need for capital investment. With your virtual office agreement you also receive priority access to our meeting rooms for your meeting needs. When your organization needs a physical office you are able to keep the same business address and phone numbers from your virtual office upon upgrading to a physical office in that business center. With your virtual office operator handling your inbound calls and messaging, you can focus on growing your business.