61. Q: What are the differences between an offshore company, offshore corporation and IBC?
A: There is no big difference between them. They are all offshore legal entities, called differently depending on the jurisdiction. Other terms used include non-resident company or corporation.
62. Q: What is a double taxation treaty?
A: An agreement between two countries intended to relieve persons who would otherwise be subject to tax in both countries from being taxed twice in respect of the same transactions or events.
63. Q: How long will it take for the offshore company to be incorporated?
A: Each jurisdiction has a different time frame for incorporation after the required documents and payment have been received. Usually it takes from one to two working days in most of the jurisdictions to ten working days in others.
64. Q: Are your offshore services confidential?
A: We will not disclose any information concerning our clients without their prior written consent. However, this obligation of confidentiality is not applicable when a court order from the jurisdiction is made to disclose such information or if it is not in compliance with the laws of the countries.
65. Q: Can you provide a receptionist to answer my calls in my company name?
A: Absolutely, simply select a package with call answering. Your dedicated receptionist will answer your calls promptly in your company name. Our highly trained receptionists operate the finest communications equipment available. Your line will never ring engaged and your communications will be handled professionally and confidentially. Your incoming calls are transferred to your home, office, mobile phone – or anywhere in the world.