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Gray knight: A company which puts forward its over for acquiring another company while the latter is negotiating with a different buyer. Usually such companies take advantage of the problematic points of discussion between the current buyer and the target company.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP): The total market value of manufactured products and delivered services for a certain period of time (usually one year) on the territory of a certain country.

Gross National Product (GNP): The total value of manufactured products and delivered services for a certain period of time (usually one year), measured by the current market prices, plus the net export. It can be also calculated as a total value from the GDP plus the net external income.

Gross return of capital: The relation between the total income, accumulated from the functioning of the capital and the expenses related to its acquisition.

General ledger: A record of all financial transactions within an entity

Group of companies: This is the mother company together with all of the daughter companies (subsidiaries).

Government help: Government’s action(s) which aims to deliver economic benefit to a certain company or group of companies, which respond to certain criteria and meet certain requirements.

Group of companies: This is the mother company together with all of the daughter companies (subsidiaries).

Grid: Fixed boundaries in which a certain currency can vary.

Good until canceled: An order to a broker which remains valid until its execution or cancelation.

Geopolitical events: Key international political events which influence not only the currency but all of the markets.

General market equilibrium: A condition of balance on the market of several independent goods, in which the volume of the demanded quantity equals the volume of the supply.

Golden handcuffs: A monetary gift or privilege given to an employee for not changing his/her employer.

Golden parachute: A financial agreement reached by a director of a company for insuring future income, for example against consultations, in case a new manager of the company comes.

Greenmail: A method for preventing a company’s takeover by purchasing shares or arbitrage.

Gratis good: Every good which is given for free in the time of purchase. The gratis good is an important tool for fostering sales and it can be in the form of prize, bonus, souvenir, etc. The value of the gratis good is included in the value of the goods for sale or it is covered by the increased goods turnover.

Goodwill: Non-tangible asset, which contributes to the company’s image. Typical example is the good reputation which is a result of good market positions and good relationships with clients and suppliers. The good reputation of the company leads to an increase in its market price which exceeds the balance value of its capital and securities.

Gross dividend yield: Gross income from investments in securities before taxation.

Golden share: A share with the right to vote of a certain company. The possession of such kind of share can protect the company from being managed by another company and it gives the right the right to its owner to conduct a certain policy in the company’s management.

Goal system: A method for increasing the income from taxes, according to which every tax authority needs to reach a certain quota of taxes income.

Golden handshake: A monetary gift to an employee when retiring.

Golden hello: A considerable monetary gift given to a potential employee as an incentive to start working in the company.

Green conditionality: A rule which is in compliance with loan granting and money spending is being in strict accordance with the saving the environment rules.