Sb is your trusted
business outsourcing partner in Bulgaria

Paperless. Digital. Automated. Intelligent. Self-service.

We design modern solutions for the three main business areas affecting every company or entrepreneur operating in Bulgaria:

  • Accounting, Bookkeeping and Statutory reporting
  • Payroll management and HR administration
  • Compliance with local applicable legislation and international standards.

We support international companies to start and expand their businesses in Bulgaria and assist domestic entities in increasing the quality of current business processes and successfully enlarging activities abroad.

Our solutions are Paperless, Digital, Automated, Intelligent and Self-services, providing individual and long-term relationships consistent with the best world practices and innovative techniques.

Nowadays, Sb Accounting & Consulting has more than 60 experts serving 240 customers including organizations of different size, nationality and scope of activities. Our primary goals are the high quality of clients’ service and the building of sustainable long-term partnership.

We are your trusted business outsourcing partner in Bulgaria!

Gergana Pavlova, Managing Partner

Our Values

Sb 360 Approach

Latchezar Georgiev, Managing Partner

Sb Team main goals are to build a sustainable long-term partnership with our clients, to ensure the quality of the outsourcing functions and the continuous improvement of our solutions, processes and systems.

Sb 360 approach follows these basic principles:

  • High quality services based on personal approach
  • Successful integration of advanced Technologies
  • Continuous Improvement and development of good practices

We build a way of thinking that goes beyond the expectations of our clients, partners and colleagues, because:

  • We are flexible and experienced thanks to the extensive scale of our company’s activities
  • We collaborate and support business of different scale and scope of work
  • We have a team of the best in class experts

For more than 30 years, Sb 360 approach in combination with our company policies and recognized standards results in constant improvement of the solutions, implementation of the last innovations and achieving sustainable long-term relations.

Quality and Compliance

We are trusted and reliable outsourcing partner

The professionals in our Legal and Compliance Team ensure the compliance of the company with the local applicable legislation, international standards and globally acknowledged best practices.

We monitor all changes in the legal framework, analyze them and actively participate in their implementation into the operational activity. Sb Teams provide extensive compliance and legal support in all aspects of our client’s business.

Sb Accounting and Consulting declare principles of work established in our Code of Ethics, Personal Data Protection policy, Information Security policy and Anti-Corruption policy. We strive to provide high quality customer services and we achieve that thanks to Sb Quality policy.

Plamena Dimitrova, Legal and Compliance Manager


Policies and Standards


We promote fair and transparent business activities. We set standard of business conduct with our clients, partners and team members.

Quality Policy and Standards


Quality based on the legal requirements and world expertise, which is incorporated in all outsourcing processes, services and technologies.

Policies and Standards


Guarantees the protection of the confidentiality, integrity and property of information, both internal and provided by our partners.

Policies and Standards


The company maintains and uses proper tools for data protection from accidental or illegal destruction, unauthorized access, misuse or dissemination.

Guarantee for quality of service

ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System for Accounting and Payroll

ISO 27001:2013 – Information Security Management System

Professional Liability Insurance for up to 1 000 000 BGN

Sb Certificate of Approval
Sb Certificate of Approval
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