At the Oracle Forum in Sofia next week professionals from different fields such as HR, finance, marketing and others will share their experience for the development of the business in the fast-paced dynamic environment.

Do you know what are the important points to keep your business up-to-date with the trends? Imagen that you can have enough relevant information for your critical business decisions.
How to identify and retain the Top Talents?
Does the new generation of workforce require a particular work environment, commitment to a company brand and working hours?
There are new tools and tactics that can eliminate overloading and stress and can assure easy way to manage and pay correctly to your employees.
Do you do enough to increase customer experience? What is the need for business transformation nowadays? We need relevant data and their critical analysis to meet the expectations of Gen Z and Millennials. We need them in real time and in an easy to understand forms.

How Innovative Payroll Services Can Support Fast And Adequate Transformation?

HR professionals most often support digital transformation in their companies. They are sure that two basic elements of corporate culture are vital for building of strong employer branding and long-term motivation. These are flexible working time and personalized incentive and motivational programs. But these good practices require with much more time for correct wage calculation, HR management and administration.

Can it be made differently?

In an age of digital transformation and BI the answer is definitely YES.

Latchezar Georgiev, Managing partner in Sb Accounting & Consulting, is ready to share his practical solutions and successful business cases, during the Oracle Forum.

He will be glad to meet and discuss critical business solutions to you during the forum.

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