Sb Accounting & Consulting has supported the “Sneakers Day 2019”, which was held for the first time this year.

Main symbol of the campaign is to wear sneakers on the working day on 22nd of March and its goal is to motivate people to lead a more active and conscious way of life.

68% of people in Bulgaria have never play sport. 2/3 of Bulgaria’s populations is obese. More than 40% spend more than 5 hours sitting down each day. These are some of the startling facts.

Sb Accounting & Consulting is a socially responsible to its team members and the community. That’s why the company joint the campaign and encouraged the Sb Team to express the desire to overcome the everyday sedentary life and to wear sneakers on 22nd of March.

We want to motivate people around us to lead a healthier lifestyle. This special day will be the first “Sporting Step” for many people, which will start play sport more actively.

Let’s prove that the work – life balance is possible.

More information about the cause you can find at

Sb Accounting & Consulting Team
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