For many people, Christmas is a wonderful time of year when we get to spend quality time with our loved ones. However, for hundreds of families in Bulgaria, this time would not be defined as a celebration at all.

We, from Sb Team, are giving our best to support and encourage people with disadvantages in the life. Our corporate social policy is vitally important to who we are, not only as a company, but also as a team. We strongly believe that a charity is for life, not just for Christmas. One of the values we are trying to implement in our work environment is the ‘support’. For this reason, we have decided to participate in a charity project in the passing 2017 year.

This Christmas we are supporting Father Ivan from the ”St. Nicolas Orphanage & St. Trinity Monastery” in Novi Chan village, near Sofia city and Yakimovo village. Believing that every person deserves to live within a loving family security environment and home, Father Ivan from St. Nicolas church is helping people with difficult life destinies. At the moment, there are two rescue centers where approximately 300 people are sheltered, half of them children. Although all have at least one parent or а guardian by statue, they need extra support in their growth.

Our charity supports families in need who found shelter at St. Trinity Monastery, where Father Ivan  and his son -Gregory are helping people with difficult life destinies. For his nobility in 2005 Father Ivan was honored with the award “Worthy Bulgarian of the year”. In Novi Chan he is taking care of 71 people, half of them children. In Yakimovo there are more than 230 people who rely on Father Ivan.

How can you take part?

You can visit the official site of St. Nicolas Orphanage & St. Trinity Monastery:
You can also contact Father Gregory on +359 886 853 026,
IBAN: BG72 UNCR 9660 1000 4116 00
Bank: UNI CREDIT BULBANK, branch Elin Pelin