The European Bank for Recovery and Development (EBRD) expects an increase of the GDP rate with 1.9%. During the previous year the institution was expecting the growth to reach 1.7%.
The financial institution emphasizes that the fiscal position of the country remains stable with low deficit. It is also pointed that because of the successful emission of Eurobonds, which were issued last year, Bulgaria has significant fiscal and monetary buffers to withstand future complications.
The Bank forecast is almost the same as the one of the World Bank, which foresees that during the following year the GDP of our country will grow with 1.8%.
The expectations of the International Monetary Fund are the Bulgarian economy to increase up to 1.5%, and of the European Commission – up to 1.4%. According to the budget the economic growth for this year is 1.9%.
According to EBRD the economic growth of the region in transition continued to slow down during the third quarter of the year 2012 as well. The expectations are the economic growth of the region where the Bank operates to reach the average of 3.1% in 2013 and 4.6% in 2012.
The crisis in the Euro zone continues to have a negative influence on the Countries in transition. The future political solutions for its mastering will help to reduce the pressure on the peripheral economies.