As a result of our efforts to be a truly international company which adequately responds to the world’s ever changing best practices and professional requirements, Sb Accounting & Consulting is continuing to develop its partnership network. Since the beginning of October 2011 we are a member of the association for independent accounting practices Enterprise Worldwide.

After a serious selection stage, on which several proposals were considered, we chose Enterprise Worldwide for the following reasons. We firmly believe that our mutual cooperation will additionally contribute to Sb Accounting & Consulting’s international position. Moreover, because of the opportunities for constant education, qualification and interaction with other fellow members that Enterprise Worldwide is offering, we are confident that we will be able to bring even better quality to the services we provide our clients with. Our ultimate goal has always been to serve our customers in the most professional and adequate way and therefore we believe that our new membership is a further step towards this.

Enterprise Worldwide is one of the strongest alliances of independent accounting and advisory firms, which vision is strictly directed towards delivering the best practice information and knowledge, as well as five star client service quality and international focus of the world best practices in the professional area of accountancy, audit, taxation and payroll. This is achieved through their affiliation with the Rainmaker Academy and the Rainmaker Consulting Group which are training firms exclusively serving the accounting profession. It is with that approach that their training process provide the foundation for the personal growth of every staff member at every level of the firm. In addition, the EW Member Consultant Network Groups will allow Sb Accounting & Consulting to tap into the resources and expertise of others in the network. Strategic partnerships with industry specialists in the area of financial services, R&D, marketing, technology, and practice management offer numerous enhancement opportunities. Also, a variety of proven sales, marketing and service training programs are available to us, which are designed to help us work smarter and make our clients happier

We feel that our partnership with Enterprise Worldwide will positively impact our company’s development and growth. More information about the partnership between Sb Accounting & Consulting and Enterprise Worldwide can be found in our Partnerships section on our website