Are you a foreign businessman interested in registering a company and starting a business in Bulgaria? In this case this article is exactly for you. These are the first things you need to consider before you go into action.

First, you need to define exactly the following:
• The name of the new company
• The official address of management
• Number of shareholders together with their personal data
• The manager(s) of the company
• The start-up capital
• The scope of activity of the new company
• The legal form of the new company

Afterwards, you need to do one of the most important things for your starting business to be running smoothly – choosing your accountant services provider. It is important to be mentioned that today accountancy, payroll and other related service are not what they used to be in the past. I find it important to be emphasized that in today’s dynamic and constantly changing world, it is crucial the accountancy profession to be a proactive, flexible and highly-knowledgeable one. Another important quality of the modern accounting practice is the personal touch. Accountancy is not a mass production, but a boutique service which needs to be adjusted every time when there is a new client on board. The personal attitude shows itself in every aspect of the relationship between the client and the provider – from the secretary to the managing partner of the company.

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